Why Choose Venture One Realty?

Venture One Realty vs Other Realty Companies

Venture One Realty has recognized that homeowners, especially in Connecticut, need and want a way to keep more of their hard earned equity when selling their home. Our Clients save thousands of dollars without sacrificing services that are critical to maximizing the sale price of their home. We offer all the same MLS exposure, marketing tools, technology, quality of service, expertise and personal attention as other Realty Companies do but without the costly real estate commission. You Pay Only 1 % !

Venture One Realty Will Help Price Your Home To Sell!

This is the Number One Priority Step of selling your home! Our Broker will give you a professional opinion and report on what your home is worth. This price will factor in recently sold homes and current homes for sale in your neighborhood. Real Estate Agents also call this a CMA or Comparative Marketing Analysis.

High Quality Service Without The High Cost Commission

Venture One Realty can offer superior expertise and services for a successful sale without a high commission thru technology, efficiency, and a low overhead business model.

No Hidden Commissions! No Hidden Costs!

Venture One Realty 1 % Listing Plan only charges you 1% of your sale price at closing. You set how much you will pay in Buyer’s Agent Commission. It’s all up to you how much or little you want to spend to sell your home.

Do I have to sign a listing agreement?

Yes, you will need to sign an Exclusive Listing agreement which means we can list your home on the MLS, and send it out to all major online real estate sites. Per MLS Rules, an exclusive listing agreement means that one property cannot be listed in the MLS by two different real estate companies at the same time.

Is Venture One Realty a “Full Service” Real Estate company?

Yes!!! We are a Full Service Real Estate Company vs others that call themselves “ Self Service” , “Limited Service” or ” Entry Only”. You get all the same services as a “traditional Broker” but you only pay a 1% Lisitng Fee. Venture One Realty is a licensed Connecticut Real Estate Broker, member of the Smart MLS, and a Zillow Premier Agent.

How Long Will It Take To Sell My Home?

It takes on average 45- 60 days (depending on Buyer financing) from accepting an offer to the actual sale of your home. This allows for the Buyer to schedule home inspections, finalize the mortgage, and for the attorneys to prepare the final paperwork. This time frame also allows you to make any repairs required by the Buyer and finalize your moving plans.

What about commissions?  Should I offer a Buyer’s agent commission?

Yes, in order to be in the MLS you must offer a Buyer’s agent commission. You will only pay this commission if your property is sold to a Buyer who is represented by an Agent. You will not have to pay a commission if the Buyer does not have agent representation. On the average, the commission rate is 2.5%, so we like to recommend a fee between 2 – 3%. Understandably, the higher the commission rate offered, the higher the motivation for a Buyer’s agent to find a buyer for that property. On the other hand, if the commission is on the low side, the Buyer’s agent may be less likely to showcase the property. Unfortunately, if the commission is less than 2% then the Seller should not expect a lot of activity from the Buyer’s Agencies. The fee is negotiable and can be either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the sale price.

Can the Buyer’s agent commission be negotiated?

Yes! You can decide the commission rate you would like to offer the buyer’s agent for bringing their buyers to your property and the commission amount is uploaded to the MLS. This creates a contractual obligation for us, the listing broker, which guarantees that the commission is paid to any agent who produces a buyer. Some For Sale By Owner clients may be confused by our role. They sometimes feel our only responsibility is to enter your listing into the MLS, kind of like placing an advertisement in the newspaper and waiting for a call. Anyone can place an ad in the newspaper, but you must have a real estate license and sign a contract with a real estate board to be able to list a property on the MLS. The MLS was created so that real estate agents have a virtual database where they can list, sell, search and show properties to their clients and to other agents. The customary 6% commission is divided in half between the buyer’s agent (3%) and the other listing broker (3%). Every broker who signs up for the MLS system must sign a contract that guarantees this commission to the buyer agents. Working with one agent for the entire process of selling or buying a home is usually easier than working with several agents or having to deal with a different agent for every house you are interested in. If a seller tries to re-negotiate the commission rate after they receive an offer, several scenarios could happen. The agent could refuse to work any further with the seller and could threaten to file a complaint with the real estate board; Agent’s broker could file a lawsuit against our company to be paid the original commission; Listing broker could cancel your listing. If you want to pay less than a 3% commission rate to a buyer’s agent, that’s okay but you must state what the rate will be on your listing agreement and enter it in the MLS.

Will I have to pay a commission fee to the Buyer’s Agent?

Yes, in order to list your property on the MLS you must be willing to pay a commission fee to the buyer’s agent. No matter which company you decide to work with, this fee is a requirement per the MLS. That being said, the fee is negotiable and can be either a flat dollar amount or a percentage of the sale price. The fee is payable only when you accept the offer and when your property is sold by the agent.

What is the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)?  How does the MLS work?

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a massive database of property listings that are available to Realtors. The main purpose of the MLS is for real estate professionals to exchange information about properties for sale in order to sell said properties quickly and for the best price. Property listings on MLS are also available to the public via other public websites (i.e. Realtor.com, Zillow.com, etc). However more detailed information, like commission rates, if the home is vacant and other showing instructions, is only available to other Realtors through their local MLS. When a real estate agent joins the MLS, a contract is signed and a contractual relationship is started between the listing agent and all other Realtors who belong to that local MLS. The contract states that the agent must pay the commission promised to any other agent who belongs to that MLS and produces a buyer who closes on the transaction. There is no obligation to pay the Realtor a commission if the Realtor does not belong to that MLS. This contract is entirely different from any other contract an agent has with their client. Most real estate transactions are facilitated through the MLS compared to any other real estate databases. There are many real estate boards across the nation and each one of them operates their own separate MLS. If you look at Realtor.com or Zillow.com, you would never realize that the property listings are actually filtered from so many different MLS boards.

Can I use a another Realtor while my property is listed with you?

No, unfortunately you cannot list your property with another real estate agent in the MLS if you have an active listing with us.

Will you help with Purchase Offers and Negotiations?

Yes! Venture One Realty is a Full Service Broker that will be by your side the entire process of selling your home.

What is a home inspection?

A Licensed Home Inspector is hired by the Buyer to estimate the physical and mechanical condition of a property. A Home Inspector will spend approximately 4 hours on a 2500 sq. foot house. They will inspect everything about the physical structure, including (but not limited to) the plumbing, HVAC, electrical, water heaters, doors, windows, roof, siding, installed appliances, foundation, etc. The Buyer will have an option to cancel the contract and get their earnest money back if the inspection report is unacceptable or if the seller is unwilling to correct the found defects the report discovers. This is normally handled thru negotiations. Neither the Seller or the Buyer are obligated to accept the findings. The list from the Home Inspector is negotiated between Seller and Buyer and settled with a signed addendum. The estimated cost for a home inspection is $400 for an average sized home.

Is a termite inspection the same thing as a WDI (wood–destroying organism report)?

Yes, it is. This report is a written opinion by a qualified state licensed structural pest control inspector based on what’s evident at the time of inspection. The report does not represent or guarantee the property to be free of wood-destroying organisms or the damage they create, nor does it represent or guarantee that all the found damage and/or infestation is restricted to that described in the report. Wood-destroying organisms include (but not limited to) carpenter ants, wood boring beetles, wood decay fungus, subterranean termites and damp wood termites.

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