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Here at Venture One Realty LLC, we are experienced 1% commission real estate agents in Connecticut that you can trust. We are a full service brokerage with a 1% listing plan that will enable you to sell your home at an affordable rate.

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Full Service 1% Listing Plan
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1% Commission Realtors – Connecticut Real Estate Agents

Full Service 1% Listing Plan


Venture One Realty’s 1% Full Service Listing gives you the best advantage to sell your home. You get a FULL SERVICE MLS LISTING without paying the traditional high real estate commissions.

What is a 1% commission realtor?

A 1% commission realtor is just like your traditional real estate broker, however, the commission that is taken when your house is sold will only be 1%.

How does a 1% real estate commission work?

Working with a 1% realty broker is just like working with another top real estate agent in Connecticut charging the standard 6% in fees. The only difference is that with our flat fee real estate model, the seller walks away from the sale with an additional 5% in their pocket.

One of our professional, 1 percent commission Realtors in Connecticut will personally come to you to start the process of selling your home and continue by your side until your home is sold. Our list of satisfied sellers continues to grow. One of the reasons they are so happy with our 1 percent real estate model is that there are NO UPFRONT FEES and NO HIDDEN COST!

What do you get with a 1% real estate commission agent?

Our full service 1% listing plan includes all the services you expect with the most expensive real estate companies and agents. This means:

  • A full MLS listing with 40 professional MLS photos, Zillow,
  • Post yard sign
  • Electronic lock box
  • Open house scheduling and signage
  • All forms and disclosures
  • Acustomized printable brochure of your home
  • Full broker support with pricing, showings, offers, contracts, inspections, negotiations, and financing issues.


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Venture One Realty is committed to being your go-to low commission real estate agency in the State of Connecticut. Our team of dedicated professionals will be with you every step of the way whether you are looking to buy or sell a home in Connecticut.

View our Connecticut real estate listings and find thousands of homes, apartments, luxury condos and two family homes in Hartford, Middlesex, Tolland, New Haven, Windham, Litchfield and New London Counties.

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What You Need to Know About 1% Commission Realtors

Who should use a 1% commission realtor?

As long as your property is eligible, anyone can use a 1% commission realtor. You can benefit from this service if you want to save money when you sell your house. You will just need to search for a reputable real estate broker in your local area, who offers a 1% full listing plan.

How to choose a 1% commission realtor?

It doesn’t have to be difficult when choosing a 1% commission realtor to work with. Just as you would with any other service, you can conduct some research first into the most reputable 1% real estate brokers in your area. You can check out their reviews and testimonials, to gauge their credibility. You should also speak with the team, to ensure they offer everything you need and that you are happy with their service and communication.

Why You Should Sell Your Home with a 1% Commission Realtor?

– Get access to expert knowledge and experience
– Save money on your commission fees
– Walk away with more money from your house sale

What is the Difference Between a 1% Listing Agent and Traditional Realtor?

If you work with Venture One Realty LLC, you will receive the same service and benefits as working with a traditional realtor. The only difference will be the money that you walk away with when your house is sold.

Are 1% commission realtors worth it?

If you want to save money on your house sale, then a 1% commission realtor is 100% worth it!

Are 1% Realtors legit?

As with any product or service on the market, this question may arise. If you choose to partner with Venture One Realty LLC to buy or sell a house, then you can rest knowing you are working with a legitimate company. We have a team of experienced and hard working representatives who know their way around the Connecticut market.

Why do some agents charge lower commissions?

We are a group of real estate brokers who are committed to providing the best service to our clients, and that includes offering a fair price and service. The commission we choose to charge is entirely up to us, which is why we choose to keep the costs down, so we can help you sell your house while saving money.

How much can you save with a 1% commission realtor?

The amount you will save will depend on how much your house is valued at. In all cases, you will be able to save thousands of dollars when you work with a 1% commission realtor.

What percentage do most realtors charge?

The average percentage that a typical real estate agent will charge is anywhere from 5-6%.

For more information, head to our buyers FAQs and sellers FAQs or give us a call on (860) 644-7898


My mother and I were selling our house and researched many real estate agents. We chose Venture One Realty because we could not afford to pay the high commission other agents required. Venture One Realty was able to provide us everything we needed to sell our house fast. The best part was Mike’s knowledge when it came to repairs. He did not let the buyers force us into costly and unnecessary repairs in order for us to get the house sold. We would recommend Venture One to anyone who wants great service and can save money at the same time.


Mike at Venture One Realty did a great job selling my Condo. He was able to advise me on the best way to get my condo ready for sale in order to get the highest price. The best part? I only paid a 1% listing commission to Mike!!

-Lea, East Windsor, CT

I was anxious to buy our family’s first home and even more nervous that we were doing it while expecting a baby. Mike took his time with us looking for a home that met all our requirements and expectations. The whole Team at Venture One Realty made the process easy and seamless from beginning our home search to closing. We were even able to move in just in time for the new Baby!

-Garen, South Windsor, CT

I could not be happier with the services of Michael Zubretsky and Venture One Realty. Mike was there for me any time, was clear about each step of the process, and helped me find a great home! I highly recommend Mike and #ventureonerealty!!

-Marc, East Hartford CT

Our Company used Venture One Realty to sell one of our Flip properties. The level of personal service that Venture One Realty gave us was excellent. Venture One even did a pre-sale inspection of the house to make sure all repair and/or punch list items were completed. They continually gave updates and feedback from the showings on our listing. Mike was front and center when it came time to negotiate the sale contract. Our listing was under-contract in just 3 days and at full asking price!

-Christina, Hartford CT

The Real Estate Investment Company that I worked for has successfully used Venture One Realty to sell our ReHab projects. Venture One Realty not only helped us with the sale but even advises us before we buy the property to make sure that we were budgeting our repairs and return on income calculations correctly. Their sale strategy helped us sell our properties quickly and efficiently.

-Jeff, East Hampton CT

We recently had to deal with selling a home that was in a trust for a relative. We could not have done it without Venture One Realty and Mike. Mike was able to work effectively with the Trustee, evaluate and supervise the improvements that were necessary to complete prior to listing the house, and help us price accordingly. Within one week we had a cash buyer at full price. Venture One’s value goes beyond the normal real estate agency. We saved $7,400 in commission which will be put to good use within the trust.

-Jean, Southington CT

I just sold my house using Venture One Realty and saved $ 6,300. Mike delivered everything as promised, right thru to the inspection list negotiation and closing details. Within a couple of weeks we had multiple offers and closed without any issues. I would highly recommend using Venture One Realty! They were very experienced and a pleasure to work with.

-Lynn, Tolland CT

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