Have you ever thought of installing a fence in your yard? Whether it is to keep pets and children in or keep other animals and people out, choosing the correct fence will go a long way toward ensuring that your home and yard is suitable to your and your family’s lifestyle. The following short guide will help you pick the right fence materials and understand other basics you need to get started on your project.


For the most part, any fence you install will be made of either wood, metal, or vinyl / plastic. Chain-link fencing is the least expensive option to install, but it is not the most aesthetically pleasing and, in some neighborhoods, that are designated as “historic” they are not allowed. Privacy fences are made from tall wood or vinyl planks. Vinyl fencing is the more expensive option, but it offers more styles and colors which makes it an extremely popular choice.


You need to determine what height fence works for you. If you are just looking to keep children and dogs in a yard, a fence height of 3 or 4 feet which you can easily see over might be sufficient. If you want to enhance the privacy in your yard, you will want a tall fence that blocks the line of sight. Most people will use different lengths based on the area placement. In a front yard, 3 feet is the average height. In a back yard, fences often are between 6- and 8-feet high.

Property Lines

Before you install a fence, it is imperative that you fully understand the placement of the property lines. Accidentally installing a fence on your neighbor’s property can cause problems between neighbors. To install a fence, you likely need to obtain a building permit from your town. You can consult the property maps to determine the right dimensions of your yard or get a survey done for accuracy. Check regulations to ensure that your fence is not too close to your neighbors and doesn’t otherwise violate local rules. You usually have to get permission and file plans with your town. A hand drawn plan is usually sufficient just as long as you do not violate property lines.


You also should consider access to your yard using a gate. A gate generally is integrated into the fence so you would need to determine the best placement for access to your yard from outside your home. Making sure your gate is wide enough will ensure your lawn mower and other lawn maintenance equipment to fit thru is especially important. You also should ensure that your gate is secure and can be locked to prevent others from accessing your yard when uninvited.

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