Preparing your home for sale is an extremely important task to complete.

After many years of living in your Connecticut home, you may have gotten used to or just do not notice your home’s flaws. When preparing your house for sale, the key is to look objectively at your home and replace or fix those things that may turn off a prospective buyer. It is also important to understand what home improvements will not add value, so you can avoid them.

It will be something that you can discuss with your real estate agent before putting your house officially on the market, as buyers might not specifically ask you to make repairs to the property, but there are some repairs that may be required by the home inspector or appraiser. It may also depend on your financial situation and how much time you have. There may be some repairs that will help increase the value of your home, and other repairs that you would rather not do. 

Importance of Preparing Your Home Before You Put it on the Market

People make first impressions very quickly. It is vital that your home is prepared in a way that gives an excellent first impression to prospective buyers. This will make a significant impact on their entire experience with your property. If they are pleased as soon as they see it, then that will set them off on the right foot and they are likely to look at the rest of your property in a good light and walk away impressed. This will ensure that your property is added to their list to come back to. There are many small and general repairs that you can make to your property, both interior and exterior repairs that will help you attract buyers and impress them. By preparing your home to sell in this way, you will sell your house much faster. 

It is vital that you take time to prepare your home before you sell it, in addition to choosing the right time of year to put it on the market. Not only will this help you clear out your belongings ready to move out, but it will make it look more attractive and could potentially increase its value. It will also become important later down the line if the buyer chooses to invest in inspections. Although they may have signed a contract, if they find anything wrong with your home, they are able to pull out of the purchase agreement. Our advice will help you avoid some of the reasons why houses don’t sell, and ensure yours goes through as quickly as possible.

If you want to learn how to prepare your home to sell here, we’ve compiled a list of effective repairs that will help you sell your home quicker and at a higher price. 

Exterior home improvements

Create a great first impression with these exterior home improvements as you prepare your home for sale.

Refresh the landscaping

You will not need to spend thousands of dollars to prepare your home to sell with landscaping. Simply refreshing the outside of your home can make a huge difference and improve your home’s curb appeal. Here are a few items to consider when you prepare your home: 

  • Clean your front and backyard of personal items and debris
  • Cut dead tree branches
  • Trim the bushes and prune flower beds
  • Pull out weeds 
  • Replace old or dying bushes and plants
  • Seed or lay down sod 
  • Rake fallen leaves 
  • Mow your lawn  
  • Cut the grass
  • Add mulch to your garden

If you don’t have the time, hire a local landscaping company. It will be worth the investment.

Roof & Windows

Considering the condition of your roof and windows will help your house sell quickly. Here are some of the most important things to think about when looking at your roof and windows to prepare your home to put on the market: 

  • Replace loose or missing roof shingles 
  • Clean your gutters
  • Repair or replace broken windows
  • Clean all exterior windows 
  • Point your foundations 
  • Fix loose bricks
  • Secure any features such as steps and handrails 
  • Ensure your fences are in good repair 

Clean Up the Front Porch

A clean front porch gives buyers an optimistic outlook for the rest of the home. It’s part of that first impression. Make sure you sweep. If the area needs a fresh coat of paint get one on there!

Interior Home Improvements

A handyperson is not necessary when making interior improvements. There are a variety of tasks that are easy enough for homeowners to complete to prepare the home to sell. All you need is just a little time, a small investment and effort and you can make the inside of your home just as attractive as the outside.

Refresh the Property with Paint

Nothing beats a fresh coat of paint. It is a simple and easy way to improve the look of your home. Take a look around your home as you prepare to sell it, and consider which rooms could use refreshing. Make sure you caulk over any holes or cracks that may be present and fix any water damaged areas.

Upgrade the Kitchen

When preparing to sell your house, it is important to think about what features people are looking for. The kitchen holds a major stake in the sale of your home. Any investment in upgrading your kitchen typically generates a good ROI. On a budget? Try repainting cabinets and installing new hardware to give your kitchen a fresh feel.

Upgrade the Bathroom

Some bathrooms can look completely different after they have had a deep clean. Check your bathroom as you prepare to sell your home, and see if there are any areas for improvement. If you have the time and budget, you could help the value of your home by upgrading your bathroom and installing a new toilet or sink, if you find that yours is particularly worn out. 

Clean Out Closets

Get rid of unnecessary clutter from closets throughout the home. Buyer’s want to see plenty of room for storage in the home.  A closet with space to spare is very appealing to buyers.

Finish the “Fix It” List

It can be a good idea to review what needs fixing in your home while preparing to sell your home. The less work the home needs, the more likely you are to sell your home at asking price so try to get those few things off your list. You know what they are!

Improve Traffic Flow

Remove all unnecessary furniture and arrange it to allow for a smooth transition between rooms. More room makes spaces look more open.

Eliminate Odors

It is not always obvious if there is an odor in your own home. Be sure to shampoo the carpets, air out your home, and take out the trash before showings. You don’t want your lobster dinner from the night before stinking up your kitchen as potential buyers are looking at it. Have a pet or smoker in the home? Get the carpets and furniture cleaned before it goes on the market to get rid of as much of that smell as you can.

Keep the Home Vacuumed and Dusted

When you finally get your home on the market it is important to always keep it clean and show ready. Make it a top priority to dust, vacuum and put away clutter daily. Create a plan with your family to get the house in order quickly in case of a last-minute showing request.

Create Good Lighting 

Lighting is a very small, but very effective way that you can make your home seem more attractive to potential buyers. As you prepare your home, consider how much light is let into your home, and if you can open blinds or curtains to let in more. Buyers love rooms with lots of light. You can also replace any light bulbs that no longer work, and increase the watts.   

Check for Bugs  

Unfortunately, infestations are very common in homes, but they are not easily identified before they become a big problem. If a potential buyer views your home and spots any bugs, they may be concerned about a bigger problem. To prepare your home for sale, inspect your home for any signs of infestations. The most common places to look would be in your bathroom, in kitchen cupboards, in the attic crawl space and the basement. 

Fix Your Flooring  

Is your flooring in good condition? If it is old, worn down, or even rotting, it might be worth preparing your home with new flooring before you sell it. You can sand down hardwood floors and stain them, or you can replace any broken tiles in your kitchen or bathroom. 

Learning how to prepare your home for sale can be overwhelming at first. Follow this easy checklist to better prepare your home to attract buyers and sell your property for a good price.