Single-family homes are a hot commodity. And even though the market was severely disrupted by the pandemic, it’s slowly recovering. And as it moves towards a more stable part of 2020 (hopefully), it’s turning into a seller’s market, more than a buyer’s. There are quite a few indicators of that trend.

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As you can see, the houses started sitting in the market for fewer and fewer days, following January’s dry spell. The best month so far has been April, but it’s most likely that the trend will continue, and many of the properties will attract buyers as soon as they are listed.

As you can see, most of the sellers in April got closest to their listing price. This is another indicator of a seller’s market, and a strong call for sellers to consider placing their property in the market.

Seller’s Market and 1% Listing

A seller’s market is incentive enough to consider placing your property in the market. Right now, it seems ripe enough for sellers. But if the number of listings keeps increasing and the number of buyers goes the other way, you might lose this golden window of opportunity. That’s especially true for individuals and investors who want to liquidate their assets in the wake of the pandemic.

In a market like this, where sellers are getting the prices very close to what they asked for, and the median property prices are slowly but gradually rising, listing agents are getting their well-deserved piece of the pies. But in such a hot market, why should you stick with giving the whole traditional 6% away to the listing agent, especially in the current era of the internet where most home buyers perform the bulk of their home hunting online.

In times like these, you need to work with the professionals who are changing with the times. Who understands the dynamics and trends of the current market and how modern tools (like virtual tours) can help sellers in fetching their ideal asking price. And the best part, it doesn’t need to be as expensive as it has been for the past many decades.

By using Venture One Realty’s full service 1% listing plan, you get all the services you may expect from even the most expensive of realtors, and more. We can help you with virtual tours and videography of your home to make sure it looks fetching on our listings. From the moment you decide to sell, our agent will be by your side until you hand over the keys to the buyer. All with our 1% commission model and no hidden costs.


The data and patterns indicate that now is the time to sell your home. You may not be in a position of enough power to start a bidding war among buyers, but with the right listing and agent by your side, you are very likely to get very close to the price you have in mind.

Venture One Realty has recognized that Connecticut Homeowners need and want a way to keep more of their hard earned equity when selling their home. Our Clients save Thousands of Dollars without sacrificing the services that are critical to maximizing the sale price of their home. We offer all the same MLS exposure, marketing tools, technology, quality of service, expertise, and personal attention as the Other Realty Companies but without the costly Real Estate Commission. You pay only 1%.

We are a full service Real Estate Agency that will manage the entire home selling process from listing to closing. You get everything you would expect from a traditional Real Estate Agent but with the added benefit of working with a technology enabled and customer focused team of Agents. Our results speak for themselves.