Buying or selling a home can be frustrating. The stress increases if your real estate agent is not prepared or committed to providing you with the most hands-on approach to satisfy your needs. Finding the right real estate agency can ease that stress and change your entire opinion of the moving process. However, for any first-time home buyer or seller, this is not familiar territory. Understanding what to expect when picking out the perfect real estate agent is not reality. Do not go into your home buying or selling experience without finding with the right realtor for your needs. These tips can help you when search for “real estate agent near me, realtor near me or real estate agency near me” and provide questions to ask before committing to a particular agent.

Do they use the Internet Data Exchange Program (MLS)?

The Internet Data Exchange is essential for any real estate agency. This software program allows you to search many more listings in your market area above more than what the agent has listed. Simply input a zip code and radius and every listing in that area will show up for the area you are interested in. What makes Internet Data Exchange so great is that it does not miss any listings, no matter the broker or owner. It also has more features to narrow the search and make the home buying process as easy as a few clicks on your computer. The Internet Data Exchange Program is easy to use and gives you all the listings in the market to choose from. Make sure this tool is being used by the real estate agent you choose to move forward with.

Do they understand the local market?

Most large real estate companies know how valuable the Internet Data Exchange program is and make sure to feature it on their website. However, this does not end the search for a hassle-free Connecticut realtor. Large real estate companies can guide you to thru the areas but some don’t fully understand the area. Not only is Venture One Realty a local real estate agency, we are also current Connecticut Residents and were born and raised here. In CT, different boroughs, suburbs, and towns can have their own regulations and codes. Depending on what area of town you live in, these things should be considered before moving:

  • Occupancy Inspection
  • Dye Test
  • Sewer Test
  • Public Transportation
  • Waste tax

It is one thing to point out a place and want to live there. Understanding the needs, and what kind of testing needs to be scheduled and passed can be a tedious and expensive task. This is where having a local realtor who is a local can be a tremendous asset.